Maxiways ☀

667 LS Transway3 BigOf assistance to you in all weather and road

Transway, new generation light commercial vehicle tire. Don't let heavy rain regions, rugged and crooked mountain roads, steep urban roads, environments such as motorways requiring high speed and performance keep you back from your way.

Long life and durability

Strong body construction increases the service life of the tire and wide based tread provides long life. "Belt-end-gum" surrounding belt edges and strong belt structure increase the durability of the tire in hot climates and heavy duty operation. Advanced tread compound provides long life to Transway and there is no stone retention problem thanks to the special pattern.

Improved comfort and silence

New heel region, reinforced with ‘’S’’ shaped two ply heel filler profile, increase driving comfort and steering control. Numerous grooves and tiny ductules on the tread pattern provide top level comfort by increasing the flexion of the tire during its contact with the ground. Thanks to the tread pattern designed with the aid of an advanced noise simulation software, tire noise is minimized.

Excellent control and braking performance

Dent geometry on the central and shoulder ribs minimize spinning by increasing traction. Increase steering control and reduce braking distance.


  • 215/75R17.5 126/124M Maxiways 100S (M+S)

  • 225/75R17.5 129/127M Maxiways 100S (M+S)

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