Iceways ❄

iceways big

With safety on icy roads

Iceways is a new generation winter tire that is designed to be used in areas where long dated heavy winter conditions prevail and that is appropriate to install snow nails.


175/65R14 82T ICEWAYS
175/70R13 82T ICEWAYS
185/60R14 82T ICEWAYS
185/65R14 86T ICEWAYS
185/70R14 88T ICEWAYS
195/65R15 91T ICEWAYS
205/55R16 91T ICEWAYS
205/60R16 92T ICEWAYS
205/65R15 94T ICEWAYS
215/60R16 95T ICEWAYS
215/65R16 98T ICEWAYS

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