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The Aeolus HN10 On/Off road drive tire is made to perform in demanding conditions such as construction, mining, and logging applications. The HN10 features an aggressive multi-lug tread design for superior off-road traction, and an enhanced rubber compound to resist cuts and chunking. Open shoulder lugs deliver superior stability and resistance to uneven wear.


Regional Logging Trucks
Mixed concrete Trucks
Dump Trucks
Regional Mining Trucks


10.00R20-16 TT
10.00R20-18 TT
11.00R20-16 TT
11.00R20-18 TT
11R22.5-16 TL
12.00R20-18 TT
12.00R24-18 TT
12.00R24-20 TT
12R22.5-18 TL
13R22.5-18 TL


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