18.00-25 32PR E3 TLWhere the road ends

General purpose off-road service tire with low unit cost due to slow wearing and high retread ability.

Powerful traction in all directions

Non-directional tread pattern provides optimum traction both in forward and backward directions. Due to bottom supported large tread blocks, wear life and traction ability is increased. The rubber belt in peripheral direction binding the tread blocks to each other, supports the tread and minimizes block movements.

Heat resistant

Due to heat resistant inner tread compound, the tire generates less heat and provides high resistance against tread separation.

Long life and retread ability

Strong nylon cord construction provides resistance to impacts and extra retread ability. Bottom supported large tread blocks prolong tire life.

Durability and resistance to damages

Thick sidewall construction protects the sidewall of the tire against damages caused by rocks or hard objects


  • 18.00-25 32PR E3 CR TL
  • 18.00-25 32PR E3 TL
  • 18.00-33 32PR E3 CR TL
  • 18.00-33 32PR E3 TL

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