TR70 big

Unrivalled Traction Power

Durable and long life traction type tractor tire

Superior performance on soil

It has the ability to move on all earth surfaces without getting stuck, thanks to wide tread pattern resistant to soil retention. Skewed knife shaped tread blocks provide high grip ability and traction power. Large shoulders fully tread on the surface and prevent rollback and side slip. By means of its tread pattern open in the middle, soil cumulation in the middle is prevented.

Smooth drive

Advanced tire design and special construction provide smooth ride.


11.2-24 8PR TR70
12.4/11-24 6PR TR70
12.4/11-28 6PR TR70
13.6/12-28 6PR TR70
13.6/12-28 8PR TR70
13.6/12-36 6PR TR70
13.6/12-36 8PR TR70
13.6/12-38 8PR TR70
14.9/13-28 6PR TR70
14.9/13-28 8PR TR70
14.9/13-30 6PR TR70
16.9/14-30 6PR TR70
16.9/14-30 8PR TR70
16.9/14-38 8PR TR70
18.4/15-30 14PR TR70
18.4/15-30 6PR TR70
18.4/15-30 8PR TR70
7.50-16 6PR TR70
9,5-24 8PR TR70

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