AGRI1 bigPlenitude is with it


  • 280/85R20 112A8/109B (11.2R20) AGRI1
  • 280/85R24 115A8/112B (11.2R24) AGRI1
  • 280/85R28 118A8/115B AGRI1
  • 300/70R20 120A8/117B AGRI1
  • 320/85R24 122A8/119B (12.4R24) AGRI1
  • 340/85R24 125A8/122B (13.6R24) AGRI1
  • 340/85R28 127A8/124B (13.6R28) AGRI1
  • 340/85R36 132A8/129B (13.6R36) AGRI1
  • 380/70R24 125A8/122B AGRI1
  • 380/70R28 127A8/124B AGRI1
  • 380/85R24 131A8/128B AGRI1
  • 380/85R28 133A8/130B (14.9R28) AGRI1
  • 380/85R30 135A8/132B AGRI1
  • 380/85R38 139A8/136B (14.9R38) AGRI1
  • 420/85R30 140A8/137B (16.9R30) AGRI1
  • 420/85R34 142A8/139B (16.9R34) AGRI1
  • 460/85R30 145A8/142B (18.4R30) AGRI1
  • 460/85R34 147A8/144B (18.4R34) AGRI1
  • 460/85R38 149A8/146B (18.4R38) AGRI1

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